Hydraulics of Levee Overtopping

ISBN: 9780367277277

Lin Li, Farshad Amini, Yi Pan, Saiyu Yuan and Bora Cetin.

This book presents a cutting-edge approach to understanding overtopping hydraulics under negative freeboard of earthen levees, and to the study of levee reinforcing methods. This approach combines a soil erosion test, a full-scale laboratory overtopping hydraulics test, and numerical modelling for turbulent overtopping hydraulics. It provides an analysis that integrates the mechanical and hydraulic processes governing levee overtopping occurrences and engineering approaches to reinforce overtopped levees.

River Flow 2020: Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics (Delft, Netherlands, 7-10 July 2020)

ISBN: 9780367627737

Wim Uijttewaal,  Mário Franca, Daniel Valero, Victor Chavarrias, Clàudia Ylla Arbós, Ralph Schielen & Alessandra Crosato 

Rivers form one of the lifelines in our society by providing essential services such as availability of fresh water, navigation, energy, ecosystem services, and flood conveyance. Because of this essential role, mankind has interfered continuously in order to benefit most and at the same time avoid adverse consequences such as flood risk and droughts. This has resulted in often highly engineered rivers with a narrow set of functions. In the last decades rivers are increasingly considered in a more holistic manner as a system with a multitude of interdependent processes. River research and engineering has therefore added to the river fundamentals also themes like ecohydraulics, consequences of

Climate Change-Sensitive Water Resources Management

ISBN: 9780367257880

Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu (Dr. T.), Elpida Kolokytha and Carlos de Oliveira Galvão.

The book provides an overview of climate change-sensitive water resources management with consideration of adaptation approaches, the assessment of climate change impacts, current contemporary management techniques, and ecological responses. Comprehensive assessments and studies from eight countries using innovative approaches that aid water management under evolving climates are documented. Topics ranging from hydrologic design to management and policy responses to climate change are discussed, which demonstrate updated theories that highlight methods, tools, and experiences on the topic of water resources under climate change. The generic approaches discussed, and their applications to dif

Proceedings of the 25th International Symposium on Ice

ISBN: 978-82-7598-120-0

Knut Alfredsen, Knut Vilhelm Høyland, Wenjun Lu, Per Ludvig Bjerke, Leif Lia and Sveinung Løset.

The IAHR symposium on ice is a biannual conference covering engineering and research on ice in fresh and salt water. The conference was first arranged in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1970. The 25th conference was planned for Trondheim, Norway in June of 2020, but due to the Covid19 pandemic it was arranged as a virtual conference in November of 2020. The conference gathered 105 participants and 87 papers were submitted and peer reviewed for the technical sessions of the conference. In addition, two plenary key note lectures were given covering the challenges of hydropower operation in the arctic and the history of ice research in Norway. The technical sessions covered a range of topics within

Hydraulic Engineering of Dams

ISBN: 9780415621533

Willi H. Hager, Anton J. Schleiss,Robert Boes,Michael Pfister

Hydraulic engineering of dams and their appurtenant structures counts among the essential tasks to successfully design safe water-retaining reservoirs for hydroelectric power generation, flood retention, and irrigation and water supply demands. In view of climate change, especially dams and reservoirs, among other water infrastructure, will and have to play an even more important role than in the past as part of necessary mitigation and adaptation measures to satisfy vital needs in water supply, renewable energy and food worldwide as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. This book deals with the major hydraulic aspects of dam engineering considering recent de

Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Volume One: Overview and Fundamentals

ISBN: 9780367445874

Harindra Joseph Fernando

With major implications for applied physics, engineering, and the natural and social sciences, the rapidly growing area of environmental fluid dynamics focuses on the interactions of human activities, environment, and fluid motion. A landmark for the field, the two-volume Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics presents the basic principles, fundamental flow processes, modeling techniques, and measurement methods used in the study of environmental motions. It also offers critical discussions of environmental sustainability related to engineering. The handbook features 81 chapters written by 135 renowned researchers from around the world. Covering environmental, policy, biological, and chemi

Fluid Mechanics of Environmental Interfaces

ISBN: 9781138074279

Carlo Gualtieri,Dragutin T. Mihailovic

Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) studies the motion of air and water at several different scales, the fate and transport of species carried along by these fluids, and the interactions among those flows and geological, biological, and engineered systems. EFM emerged some decades ago as a response to the need for tools to study problems of flow and transport in rivers, estuaries, lakes, groundwater and the atmosphere; it is a topic of increasing importance for decision makers, engineers, and researchers alike. The second edition of the successful textbook "Fluid Mechanics of Environmental Interfaces" is still aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of fluid mechanical processe

Practical Channel Hydraulics, 2nd edition: Roughness, Conveyance and Afflux

ISBN: 9781138068582

Donald Knight,Caroline Hazlewood,Rob Lamb,Paul Samuels,Shiono Koji,

Practical Channel Hydraulics is a technical guide for estimating flood water levels in rivers using the innovative software known as the Conveyance and Afflux Estimation System (CES-AES). The stand alone software is freely available at HR Wallingford’s website The conveyance engine has also been embedded within industry standard river modelling software such as InfoWorks RS and Flood Modeller Pro. This 2nd Edition has been greatly expanded through the addition of Chapters 6-8, which now supply the background to the Shiono and Knight Method (SKM), upon which the CES-AES is largely based. With the need to estimate river levels more accurately, computational methods a

Hydraulicians in the USA 1800-2000: A biographical dictionary of leaders in hydraulic engineering and fluid mechanics

ISBN: 9781138028289

Willi H. Hager

This book provides 1-page short biographies of scientists and engineers having worked in the areas of hydraulic engineering and fluid dynamics in the USA. On each page, a notable individual is highlighted by: (1) Exact dates and locations of birth and death; (2) Educational and professional details, including also awards received; (3) Reasons for inclusion in the book by highlighting key publications; (4) Short bibliography including both individual’s own, and source literature such as Who’s Who details, or origination details of the portrait; (5) In most cases, an illustrative portrait or photo showing, for example, a book cover of the individual, or photograph of a typical work such as a d

Fluvial Processes: 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781138001381

Ana Maria Ferreira da Silva, M. Selim Yalin

A stream flowing in alluvium deforms its bed surface, forming ripples, dunes, bars, etc., and, in many instances, it deforms its channel entirely, thereby creating meandering or braiding patterns. It could be said that, in general, an alluvial stream and its deformable boundary undergo a variety of fluvial processes leading to the emergence of a multitude of alluvial forms. This book concerns the physics and analytical treatment of various fluvial processes and the associated alluvial bed and plan forms listed above. Following an introductory chapter on the basics of turbulent flow and sediment transport, the book covers the origin, geometric characteristics and effects of bed forms, from s

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