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Asia and Pacific Division Co-opted 2019-01-01 Now
Japan Chapter Director 2011-11-07 Now

My Papers and Presentations

Title Year
A Case Study of Flood Modeling with Adaptive Mesh Refinement 2020
Flume Experiments on Revetment Failure Due to Bed Deformation During Flood 2020
Morphodynamics of a Small Meandering River in the Amazon Basin from Landsat and Uav 2020
Vegetation Effects on the Lateral Channel Migration During 2016 August Floods in the Otofuke River 2020
Effects of Invading Floodplain Vagitation on Bed Morphodynamics in a Braided Channel 2018
Experiments and modelling of cantilever failures for cohesive riverbanks 2018
Numerical Modelling of Cantilever Failure and Effect of Slump Blocks on Meander Migration 2018
Comuputations on Driftwood Motions Around Obstacles Coupling with a Three-Dimensional Flow Model 2016
Effect of Bank Erosion on Bedrock Sinuosity 2016
The Interaction Between River Morphodynamics and Invading Processes of Riparian Vegetation 2016
Computation of Transport and Deposition of Radioactive Contaminants with Sediment Transport in Rivers 2014
Computational Modelling of Bank Erosion by a 2-D Depth-Averaged Model Under Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Conditions 2014
Effect of Aspect Ratio on Flow Patterns and Resistance Characteristics Around Emergent Groynes 2014
Numerical Model for Levee Breach Widening 2014
Study on Horizontal-2D Analysis Method for River Bed Evolution Along Whole Length of a Dam Reservoir 2014
Study on Reducing Levee Breach of Earth-Filled Embankment 2014
3D Numerical Model for Fish Movement in a Pool Type Fishway Using Density Function Method Considering Fish Behaviour 2010
A Health Monitoring Method of Riverbank Using Self Potential Method with PFC Electrode 2010
A Study on Correlation Between Vibration Characteristics of River Bridge and Water Level During Flood Using Time Series Analysis 2010
Integrating Bedform Dynamics with Large-Scale Computational Models for Flow and Morphodynamics in Rivers 2010
Numerical Study on Mixing Process of Density Current in a Brackish Lake Enhanced by Bed Mounted Obstacles 2010
Vegetation effects on the morphological behavior of alluvial channels 2007
Numerical Simulation of Braided Rivers with Erodible Banks 2005
Numerical simulations of the behavior of alternate bars with different bank strengths 2005

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IAHR-APD Best Paper Award 2018
M. Selim Yalin Lifetime Achievement Award 2013

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